About Me



My intention for every class is to be of service to my students through offering yoga as therapy for the body, mind, and spirit. As a massage therapist, I use my knowledge of anatomy to safely guide students through postures with breath and intention. I aim to always offer all-levels classes that are challenging, therapeutic, and of course fun and uplifting! So whether you seek flexibility, strength, balance or even a detox, you’ll find what you need on the mat and carry it with you throughout your day.

The physical exercise and the hot bods are the first thing that drew me to yoga. However, as I started doing more yoga I noticed that yogis not only looked great but they felt great! People left the yoga studio happy and high on life. That’s when I decided to delve deeper into the practice which allowed me to delve deeper into my “Self”.

I suffered from back pain due to scoliosis and breathing problems from severe asthma my whole life. Little did I know that yoga would transform my body and mind! Through yoga my back started to find balance and strength, and my back pain simply melted away! The more I learned how to control and steady my breath, the less I relied on my asthma inhaler. Then one day I realized I hadn’t used it in over a month and haven’t had to refill my prescription since!

Yoga helped me flip the script, so to speak. Instead of viewing my issues as obstacles that overwhelmed me, I started to see them as challenges to overcome. Did my obstacles completely go away? No! But they no longer dictate what I can and can’t do. My issues actually motivate me to work harder and learn more about myself. As I continue to find balance and control in my body I am able to find more balance in my mind and energy. It’s that same balance of body, mind, and spirit that I strive to impart to my students.

I view everyone as my teacher, and my students are my best teachers. I have been blessed by having access to so many great teachers in my life. This list only names a few who have had the most direct impact on my practice and teaching: Keith and Kelly Fox, Judy Weaver, James Kigar, Jonny Kest, Brock and Krista Cahill.

Credentials: 200hr RYT, LMT – FL Lic# MM31408
Workshops: Handstands and other inversions, Arm balances, Pranayama (breathing exercises)